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DMA Modal Cart Lite

DMA Modal Cart Lite is a mini cart which you can add products to the cart without reloading the page. The lite version comes with some features that can help you.
Even if it is not a premium version, you have the option to:
- change the color of the modal,
- change the background of the modal,
- use many buttons,
- change the opacity of the modal and much more.

dma modal cart

Also in the lite version is included an effect that generates the appearance of your shopping cart. You have the option to choose which google font you want or even use your own font. The lite version is available for free by accessing the link below.

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Premium Version

DMA Modal Cart

The premium version of dma modal cart allows you to customize almost every element. We have included some effects for the mini cart. You have the option to activate or deactivate the mini cart for a single product, but also read more

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